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Wednesday 29th April

Morning Duckling!

Another busy day.


Phonics time

Remember to join in with your phonic sessions.

The slots are: 10.00, 10.30 or 11.00


Phase 2 flashcard sounds

Phase 3 flashcard sounds

Phase 2 Write the cvc words

Phase 3 Fill in the missing digraphs sh, ch, th, ng

English time

Today we are going to sequence and write about the life cycle of a frog.

Share the Life Cycle of a Frog

Look at the pictures and talk about the sequence. Draw them in your book.

What comes first?

Then what happens?

Next what is it?

Finally what does it change into?


Rabbits, Squirrels and Mice - write or copy the labels with your pictures.

Foxes, Hedgehogs and Owls - write sentences to go with each picture.

Use the word mat to help you

Maths time

Read the numbers to 20.

Owls and Hedgehogs - make the doubles and write the double number sentences to 20

Rabbits, Squirrels and Mice - make doubles and write double number sentences to 10

Foxes - work out repeated addition number problems and write them in your book

After lunch

Time for another story.

One of your favourites 'Winnie the Witch'

Things to do during the afternoon:

  • letter formation in books
  • spellings (use the word lists in your pack) Foxes and Owls choose 2 words and make and write a sentence.
  • reading time (little books and lotto words)
  • play phonics play games

What can you make? Have you got any empty boxes, tubes or cartons. Talk about your ideas and get making!

Remember to send any photographs of your creations to the school office, Mrs Townend and I would love to see them!

Keep busy and safe,

Love Miss Weston smiley