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Year 4/5 PH - Rosa Parks Class

Year 4/5 Spring 2 Curriculum Information


As we move onto Spring 2, we will begin to read the exciting, thrilling book ‘The Brockenspectre’ by Linda Newbery. It is a short book about a young boy called Tomas who wants to be a fearless mountain guide like his father, Niklas Rust. Following a heated argument in the family home, Niklas suddenly goes missing. When his father fails to return home, Tomas knows he must face the hazardous mountains to find him… before the Brockenspectre does!  The underlying themes of perseverance, honesty and compassion leave the reader wanting Tomas to succeed and prove himself.


Children will get the inspiring and exciting opportunity to produce a newspaper report based on this book and towards the end of term they will create a fascinating, non-chronological report based on a creature of their choice!


In Science, children will continue to focus on living things and their habitats, recognising that environments can change which can pose dangers to living things. Furthermore, they will look at the functions of the human digestive system as well as identifying the different types of teeth and their functions.


Children will explore how the Physical Geography in the UK differs, as well as considering similarities, to a region in Europe and a region within South America and how they have changed over time. This shall help us to answer our big question for this half term - How are places different and the same? They will also use ‘The Brockenspectre’ to describe climate change in the Alps throughout the seasons and use a map to navigate, linked to position and direction in Maths. To support our understanding of where the Alps is, we will use Google maps to explore the region using aerial and satellite views.


In class (fingers crossed), as part of our PSHE we will be using the book ‘The Brockenspectre’ to highlight the sheer determination, perseverance and courage needed to overcome the challenges faced as well as understanding the importance of honesty and compassion. Children will get the opportunity to demonstrate resilience by looking at what makes a good leader and how we can stay motivated and focused during times of difficulty. Children will learn what motivates them to do well and how they can always achieve their best.

Year 4/5 Spring 1 Curriculum Information


As we start the New Year, it is full speed ahead into the first part of our Spring half term. We will be turning into courageous and adventurous Explorers. We will begin to explore Michael Morpurgo’s ‘King of the Cloud forests’ – A much loved story which finds a boy called Ashley escaping from China and embarking on a journey across the Himalayas with his Uncle. After battling through difficult conditions, Ashley is met by a mysterious and terrifying encounter! We will be working as a class to create a story like Ashley’s, about our own thrilling and dangerous expedition up a mountain.

We will also explore the picture book: ‘First to the Top’ by Sir Edmund Hillary. This book explores the life of Edmund Hillary – a famous explorer from New Zealand. We follow his journey from a shy young boy to a tall and strong man completing challenging expeditions – will he be the first to the top? We will also use this story to design and create high energy foods needed by explorers to survive such treacherous mountainous conditions, and thinking about how we can prepare for changes, overcome life’s challenges, and discuss what it means to embrace and achieve your dreams.

In Science, we will learn about living things and their habitats, linking in with Physical Geography which includes climate zones, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes. We will also consider how the Physical Geography in the UK differs, and where there are similarities between other regions and how they have changed over time. This shall help us to answer our big question for this half term - How are places different and the same?


Furthermore, in PSHE linked with the British Value, Individual Liberty, we will explore mental wellbeing and staying safe, using knowledge about the artist, Jean Jacques Rousseau who strongly influenced the French revolution and the development of Liberty.


Closer to the half term, we will further explore the values courage and perseverance when we create a Survival Kit which will guide and inform explorers on how to survive up a Mountain.


We will also become one with nature and our surrounding environment by composing and creating rainforest music. Thinking about the sounds, the animals, the climate, and other elements that create a rainforest atmosphere.

We have many more things planned this half-term such as a field hunt, which we cannot wait to share with you!


Year 4/5 Autumn 2 Curriculum Information


As we move into the second half of the Autumn term, we will be time travelling back over 150 years to the Victorian Era. We will begin exploring the work of Charles Dickens, reading the book ‘Oliver Twist’ - a heart wrenching, tear jerking novel. The plot follows the journey of an innocent young boy, Oliver Twist, living in London in the 1860s which is a very dangerous and lonely place for a small boy, and it is a constant battle for survival. We will be working as a team to build our own diary from the perspective of Oliver.

We will use this story to explore the Industrial Revolution and how life changed for so many people during this period. We will find out about the invention of machinery and how wealthy businessmen built factories to make lots of money. From here we will discuss how one machine could complete the job of hundreds of workers in a fraction of the time.

Factories sprung up in every town, creating cities all over the country. This was the birth of the Industrialisation period. We will look at how factories were powered throughout this period and discussing what the impact of electricity had on cities. We will learn more about the history of electricity through science, building on our knowledge using experiments including creating circuits and finding conductors of electricity and insulators. We will also consider how the Victorian era changed quickly for a lot of people, how cities became busier and more crowded – and how this also brought diseases such as cholera.


Throughout the term we will continue to explore how the Victorian age has changed modern Britain today by researching developments such as petrol and inventions such as the first public flushing toilet! We will be researching one of the first major breakthroughs in electricity with - through perseverance - the invention of a light bulb. We will be asking ourselves the big question for this half term – How did the Victorian era change life in Britain for us?


Furthermore, in PSHE linked with the British Value, democracy, we will explore the suffragette movement and women’s rights using the picture book ‘Suffragettes: The Battle for Equality’ by David Roberts, linked to our school value: respect. We will also consider the rights of people and individual liberty around the world today and how they have changed life for the better.


Closer to Christmas time we will again explore the works of Charles Dickens by reading abridged children’s versions of ‘A Christmas Carol’. We will explore themes related to relationships and we will be writing a letter to Scrooge. 


In Art, we will look at the works of artist William Morris, best known for his flowery patterns, and celebrated artist L.S Lowry who focuses her drawings on townhouses.

We will also be getting our musical hats on to find out about rhythm and how it is used in music.

We have many more things planned this half-term, which we cannot wait to share with you!

We are very lucky to be opening a new class called the Rose Parks Class. This class was opened in Autumn 2, 2020.