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Year 3/4 - Marie Curie Class

Year 3/4 Autumn Curriculum Information


At the start of the Autumn term we will be ‘initiating our boot up sequences’ on a journey to explore our first topic all about Robots. We will be reading an exciting book called ‘The Wild Robot’ by Peter Brown. It is a charming journey of discovery through the wilderness that sends Roz the robot crashing onto the rocky shores of an island she was not designed for. After rebuilding herself, Roz manages to build a life for herself upon the island, learning to live in harmony with the creatures she meets along the way.

As we explore the book, we will engage in thought and discussion about the key themes highlighted in the story including acceptance of others, building friendships and family relationships, mutual respect and everyone being different. As we discuss these themes, we will explore our school value of ‘acceptance’ and we will learn about the importance of treating everybody equally and fairly.

As the book is centred around the theme of Robots and nature, in History we will build our sense of chronology (order in time) while discovering the key advances in technology, including automata and robots. In Design and Technology, the children will have the opportunity to design and build a Robot of the future and in Art we will create our own robot paintings inspired by the work of American artist Eric Joyner.

We will further be inspired by the book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes to learn about forces and magnets as well as investigating light and shadow. We will also be creating an alternative ending to ‘The Iron Man’ with the children developing their creative language choices through an interesting outdoors activity. In addition, the picture book ‘The Tin Forest’ will be used to inspire the creation of a non-fiction instructional text – How to build a robot dog. The children will then need to persuade people what makes their robot dog a ‘must have of the future’. The children will create acrostic poems inspire by their robot creations.

Throughout our learning in this topic, we will be answering our Big Question which is: How could robots influence our future? To help us answer this we will be investigating how automata and robots have developed from the ancient world through to the modern day. We will also develop an awareness of electrical safety and Turtle Logo programming.

We have many more exciting opportunities planned this half-term, which we cannot wait to share with you!